The ultimate way to Comfortably Belay!

CU Belay Glasses enable sport & wall climbers to eliminate the pain and discomfort of ‘Belayer’s Neck’. Regardless of age or present neck-health, correcting posture (maintaining a neutral unstressed position) can provide immediate relief, and help prevent future problems or injury. Buying the CU to share with your regular climbing partner costs no more than one Osteopath session each !

What they do –

  • provide clear non-inverted image of climber and route
  • transform belayer experience, by correcting neck posture
  • provide relief from discomfort, headache, neck, back and shoulder pain
  • allow belayer to stand next to wall (no more ground anchors or sandbags required)

Clever Design –

  • immediately transferable from one belayer to next, without adjustment
  • can be used over prescription glasses, sunglasses, and helmet compatible
  • super-lightweight at 32g (same as a Cadbury Flake chocolate bar !)


  • 100% German design, engineering and production
  • highest quality stainless steel frame and scratch resistant glass prisms
  • each pair assembled personally by inventor Albi Schneider
  • supplied in tough, purpose made plastic case for safe storage

Users report –

  • ending regular osteopath/physiotherapy sessions as ‘belayer’s neck’ subsides
  • continuing to belay, when the only alternative was to stop completely

Used Worldwide –

  • by recreational and professional climbers for belaying and studying routes
  • by route setters, competition judges and spectators for all-day comfort
  • indoors at the wall, outdoor sport-climbing & multi-pitch environments
  • in surveying, forestry and medical environments

Don’t be fooled by imitators, there is only one original way to comfortably Belay. The CU belay glasses are an innovative new way to use prisms. While wearing these glasses, the belayer can see straight up while looking straight ahead. The high quality glass is not only very durable and clear but it actually magnifies as well. Rather than hinges, a flexible steel frame is used. The design allows them to be worn over prescription glasses or sunglasses. Completing the package is a neck attachment cord and a foam-padded plastic case.

François Lombard
zweimaliger Gewinner Rocmaster Arco

Salut Albi, les CU c'est le confort et la sécurité. On peut plus facilement grader sa concentration

Marco Troussier

Hello Albi, now I'm using the belay glasses since 3 weeks and…

Alizee Dufraisse
Médaillée d'or au championnat du monde

Bonjour Albi, j ́ai recu les lunettes et c ́est maintenant un outil précieux pour mes longues journées en

Pesche Wüthrich
schweizer Sportkletterer aus Passion

Mit fast 40 Jahren am Fels ist Pesche Wüthrich ein Aushängeschild des Sportkletterns, ein alter Hase dieser noch

Michael Hoffmann
Koordinator Bundeslehrteam

Hallo Albi, die CU begeistert mich. Ich halte das ständige Hochschauen beim Sichern für eine höchst

Mümin Karabas
Turkish Kebap Powered Project

Mümin Karabaş was born in Turkey, Adana in 1982 and started climbing with the mountaineering club of Çukurova University. He studied

Roland Kraska
Bundeslehrteam Sport- und Wettkampfklettern

Hi Albi, …das einzige was mich an der CU Brille richtig ärgert ist, dass ich nicht selber auf die geniale Idee gekommen bin

Andrea Eisenhut
deutsche Meisterin 1991

Hallo Albi, CU ist klasse! Vor allem in langen Routen, wenn am Wandfuß nicht viel Platz ist und wenn mein Partner

Frank Abissi

Hello: I received the glasses and I just wanted to tell you…

John Bachar (1957 -2009)

I just received my new CU Belay Glasses a few days ago and got…

Andreas Hofmann
Ausbilder Bundeslehrteam Sportklettern des DAV

lieber albi, danke nochmal für die zügige zusendung deiner sehhilfe für den nacken. ich bin noch in der eingewöhnungszeit, die mir sehr wichtig erscheint

Thomas "Shorty" Tauporn
Weltmeister Junioren in Edinburgh 2010

Hi Albi, danke für die geile Brille!

Dicki Korb, Patrick Matros
Gimme Kraft!

Hi Albi, THX für die Brillen für mich und den Bayern-Jugendkader. Auf jeden Fall finde ich

Der Kletter-Comiczeichner schlechthin!

Hallo Albi, gestern ist das CU-Päckchen gekommen und ich hab' mich gefreut als wär' schon Weihnachten ;-D! Ich bin ja